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A little bit about the history of our location. Robert H. Allen settled in rural Gwinnett County in 1867, five years before the City of Buford was organized. His first business was a livery stable, where horses were kept, sold and rented. He began a small leather tanning operation in 1868 east of present-day Buford. In 1872 Bonaparte ‘Bona’ Allen joined his brother in Gwinnett. He moved to Buford and founded his namesake company, The Bona Allen Tannery in 1873. From 1873 until 1981 the Bona Allen Tannery tanned hides and made saddles, shoes and other leather goods. By the mid 1900’s the tannery had become the world’s largest horse collar factory and was receiving accolades for producing the best leather saddles on the market. Buford became known as the world leader in leather tanning and production and, at times, billed itself as the “Leather City.” The tannery also created a semi-pro baseball team in the mid-1920’s, called The Shoemakers. During the peak of Western films in the 1950’s, many of Hollywood’s famous cowboy actors used Bona Allen saddles – even bringing their horses to Buford for custom fittings. Today, a monument to Roy Rogers and his horse Trigger being fit with a saddle, still stands outside Tannery Row. The Artist Colony, directly next to the restaurant is a former shoe factory that produced boots for the US Army. During WWII the factory turned out 6,000 pairs of shoes per day. The tannery shut down leather production in 1981, after a fire devastated much of the building and killed several employees. Rumor has it that their ghosts still haunt this space.