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Wicked Weed | Napoleon Complex | Hoppy Pale Ale with 5.2% ABV

Napoleon Complex is a small-statured pale ale with a larger than life attitude. Ignoring, the industry standard of diminutive hop presence and mild manner, this pale ale will have most IPA’s contemplating their inadequacy. Little beer, big flavor, even bigger ego. Brewed in Asheville, NC

Terrapin | Tangerine Lemon Hopsecutioner | IPA with 7.3% ABV

Just like the Hopsecutioner you’ve grown to love, but Tangerine and Lemon Verbena infused. Brewed in Athens, GA

Terrapin | Sound Czech | Czech Style Pilsner with 5.3% ABV

The lager is brewed with 100% Pilsner malt, and is accompanied by German Magnum, Czech Saaz, and Saphire hops. The fresh aroma and noble hop character give way to a perfect malt balance and a snappy dry finish. Brewed in Athens, GA

Terrapin | Golden | American Lager/Cream Ale with 5% ABV

With its golden hue and gentle complexity, the Terrapin Golden Ale brings refreshing to a whole new level. Its combination of flavor, smoothness and drinkability is difficult to find in most craft beers. Sometimes even hopheads want nothing more than to enjoy a beer that is crisp, smooth and refreshing. Brewed in Athens, GA

Terrapin | Hopsecutioner | IPA with 7.3% ABV

You love hops, you ask for hops, and Hopsecutioner delivers! This Killer IPA earns its title by being brewed with six different hops to create an aggressive, yet exceptionally well-balanced, beer. Expect citrus and pine on the nose with a beautifully bitter finish; a strong malt backbone keeps the bitterness in check. Brewed in Athens, GA

Terrapin | Hi-5 | California Style IPA with 5.9% ABV

“Hi-5” California Style IPA leads you down a road of pure adrenaline and beauty. Capturing the majestic flavor of citrusy hops that roll off your tongue like a white cap on an ocean wave, this scenic wonder will keep you in awe, sip after sip. Brewed in Athens, GA

Sweetwater | Goin’ Coastal | Pineapple IPA with 6.1% ABV

Slide into summer and step off the grid by Goin’ Coastal with this pineapple laced IPA. The bright aromas of the five citrus hop additions are accentuated by the tropical fruit of the pineapple – and just like those three day weekends, its finish is quick. Brewed in Atlanta, GA

Sweetwater | 420 | American Pale Ale with 5.7% ABV

420 Extra Pale Ale is a tasty West Coast Style Pale Ale with a good hop feel to it and a crisp finish. First brewed on April 20th, 1997 this beer has developed quite the following in the Southeast, holding the adage, “Drink em if you got em.” Brewed in Atlanta, GA

Stella | Artois | Belgian Pilsner with 4.8% ABV

The Artois Brewery was so beloved locally, a batch was created as a Christmas gift to the people of Leuven. That special batch was the first to officially include “Stella” in its name. Meaning star in Latin, it pays homage to this original occasion, accompanied by a star on every bottle. Brewed in Leuven, Belgium

Stella | Artois Cidre | Belgian Pilsner with 4.8% ABV

Dry: Not too sweet. But as crisp and delicious as the apples we hand-pick. Balanced: No sharp notes. Elements working in such perfect harmony that one’s lips may hum. Effervescent: Not still. Finely finessed bubbles for your next festive fête. Brewed in Leuven, Belgium